Webinar: Anaerobic MBR for Converting Dairy Effluent Wastewater to Energy

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The Dairy Industry covers the processing of raw milk into many products such as pasteurized milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, ice-cream, whey powders and many others, and is known for producing huge volumes of high strength wastewater that can be expensive to manage. Complete Filtration’s Anaerobic MBR has been optimized over many years of operation to be highly efficient in treating high-strength waste from the Dairy Industry. It has a proven track record of removing great than 98% of the influent COD in a single step.

Anaerobic digestion occurs in a sealed environment that is void of oxygen and the main byproduct is biogas, which consists of 55-65% methane. The biogas can be used as fuel for a biogas engine to generate renewable thermal and electrical energy. Typically, due to the high concentrations of organics in dairy wastewater, the entire process can be net energy neutral, meaning enough electricity can be generated to offset the power demand of the entire wastewater treatment system.

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