Controls & Automation

Automation Capabilities

Discover the comprehensive capabilities of our in-house automation group, supported by extensive expertise in programming and utilizing various HMI and programming platforms tailored to meet our client standards.

We proudly cultivate strategic partnerships with local panel manufacturers and well-known instrument manufacturers, ensuring collaborative efforts that adhere to the highest industry standards. Complementing these partnerships is our commitment to UL508A-certified panel shops for in-house wiring, ensuring meticulous quality control.

Rockwell Silver OEM Partner

Leveraging Industry Experience

Leveraging our extensive industry experience in both filtration and wastewater technologies, our automation team seamlessly collaborates with our process technology. We prioritize comprehensive testing of panels and skids within our manufacturing partnerships, adhering closely to industry standards.

Place your trust in our skilled engineers, each equipped with years of hands-on experience, to provide both office and on-site support for engineering, design, programming, and commissioning, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Automation Capability Highlights

  • Extensive expertise in programming and HMI utilization.
  • Strategic partnerships with local panel and instrument manufacturers.
  • Commitment to UL508A-certified panel shops for quality control.
  • Seamless collaboration with process technology in filtration and wastewater industries.
  • Comprehensive testing of panels and skids, adhering to industry standards.
  • Skilled engineers providing on-site and office support for a seamless integration process.

Established Track Record

Trust in our established track record and commitment to advanced filtration and wastewater treatment technologies for all your COMPLETE automation needs.