Welcome to Complete Filtration Resources

Founded in 1993, Complete Filtration Resources has become a prominent force on the global stage, with offices strategically located in Denmark, Brazil, and the Netherlands, complementing our corporate headquarters in Marshfield, WI. Specializing in skidded membrane filtration systems and wastewater solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services spanning design, fabrication, controls, installation, training, and ongoing support.

Our rich experience encompasses the entire spectrum of membrane filtration and wastewater treatment. Whether tailoring solutions for dairy process systems, food and beverage industries, or various industrial applications, our expertise is unparalleled.

As a supplier committed to global excellence, Complete Filtration Resources collaborates with clients worldwide, ensuring seamless project execution within budget and on schedule. Count on us as the dedicated partner that delivers optimal filtration and wastewater solutions for your plant’s success.


Elevating employee, customer, and community experiences through sustainable technology and innovative processes, in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Core Values


Committed to achieving goals with resolve and meticulous attention to detail.


Creative and empowered culture that responds quickly to any situation.


Loyal, committed, and accountable — we take ownership.


Prioritize community, employee, and customer needs.


Foster creativity, teamwork, and innovation in an awesome work environment.

Our Team

We’ve cultivated a team of talented and experienced individuals who will take your project from design to installation.



Think you’d be a good fit for our organization? Check our careers page for open positions and join our talented team.


Member Affiliations

American Dairy Products Institute
Idaho Milk Processors
Marshfield Chamber of Commerce
Oregon Dairy Industries
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association
North Central Cheese Industry Association
Midwest Food Products Association, Inc.
International Dairy Foods Association
Northeast Dairy Foods and Suppliers Associations