Front of Complete Filtration Resources Corporate Office

Welcome to Complete Filtration Resources, Inc.

From design, fabrication and controls to installation, training and service—Complete Filtration Resources delivers for you.

Today’s processing industries need a filtration system supplier who is experienced in the full spectrum of membrane filtration. One who is already established in your industry, is innovative and is cost effective—a supplier you can trust to handle the entire project. Complete Filtration Resources is the supplier who works within your budget and schedule to deliver the membrane filtration solution your plant needs.

Our History.

Complete Filtration Resources was founded in 1993 and is a well-established designer and manufacturer of skidded membrane filtration systems. We serve the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial processing industries. Our experienced team can design, fabricate, install and startup your filtration project.

Why Use Complete Filtration Resources?

Choosing Complete Filtration Resources for your project lets you partner with the filtration supplier who is leading the way in cutting-edge filtration technology.

One-Stop Shop.

We design and manufacture a full line of components for our membrane systems. Beyond fabricating our frames, tanks, heat exchangers, vessels and piping in our ASME shop, we also do complete system assembly, controls and programming in house.

Research & Development.

We work with our customers to design and scale up the proper membrane system utilizing our extensive experience as well as our pilot testing units. The testing units are also used for process evaluation and solving separation problems. The development team at Complete Filtration Resources brings many years of experience in the application of membrane filtration technology. A successful process results from both careful pilot testing and the cumulative wisdom and experience of our process development team.