Executive Leadership

john park headshot
John Park
travis white headshot
Travis White
klay swatloski headshot
Klay Swatloski
Vice President of Operations
josh abel headshot
Josh Abel
Director of Process Engineering
shane wiercinski headshot
Shane Wiercinski
Director of Wastewater Solutions
kent mews headshot
Kent Mews
Key Account Manager

Project Leadership

headshot placeholder with abstract avatar
Chris Abel
Automation Manager
mark gibson headshot
Mark Gibson
Technical Manager
adam aschenbrenner headshot
Adam Aschenbrenner
Mechanical Design Manager
john semenchuk headshot
John Semenchuk
Project Manager Lead
ryan bushman headshot
Ryan Bushman
Project Manager Lead
helene versteeg headshot
Helene Versteeg
Project Manager Officer, The Netherlands

Sales Leadership

derek anderson headshot
Derek Anderson
Sales Engineer
ryan rolsma headshot
Ryan Rolsma
Technical Sales Engineer
emy zettler headshot
Emy Zettler
Customer Account Manager
roberto dacosta headshot
Roberto Dacosta
South American Sales Engineer

Denmark Leadership

morten andersen headshot
Morten Andersen
Sales Director
henrik andersen headshot
Henrik Andersen
Project Manager Automation
keld andreasen headshot
Keld Andreasen
Senior Process Engineer
laila jaque headshot
Laila Jaqué
Project Director
ulrik johansen headshot
Ulrik Johansen
Senior Applications Engineer
jonas lindstorff headshot
Jonas Lindstorff
Mechanical Designer