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Rest assured that once your order is placed, our dedicated team collaborates with manufacturers to understand your specific requirements and address your urgency promptly.

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With designated production capacity and multiple manufacturers, we ensure timely procurement of common elements required for your orders.

Strong Manufacturer Relationship

Our close partnerships with membrane manufacturers worldwide grant us significant buying power, which we leverage to push for innovation to address industry-specific challenges.

Customer Feedback and Knowledge Sharing

Through regular meetings and communication with key personnel, we gather valuable feedback from our extensive customer base, sharing insights on the value that new products can bring to their processes.

In-House Technical Expertise

Our in-house team of technical experts assists end users with warranty claims, ensuring optimal solutions and resolutions are achieved.

Comprehensive Support

You gain access to site visits, phone support, and email assistance. We work closely with your plant, providing on-site visits to optimize system performance, address cleaning issues, optimize chemical usage, and extend membrane lifespan.

Membrane purchases are a huge part of your budget. Bottom line: We can save you money.

Spiral-wound Membranes

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Alfa Laval logo

Alfa Laval is a world leader and pioneer in separation technologies. For over 50 years the company has developed and manufactured membrane separation solutions for dairy, food & beverage and life science industries while utilizing spiral and plate & frame membrane technologies ranging from RO, NF, UF and MF. With a wide range of membrane chemistries and separation cut-off values, Alfa Laval can provide membrane solutions for a myriad of application. For more information visit

DuPont logo

At DuPont Water we facilitate farm to table solutions to help feed the world sustainably through our multi-tech separations technologies, strong expertise in concentration and purification, as well as knowledge of traditional and emerging food and beverage applications. We provide solutions using both membrane and ion exchange technologies to help separate milk components and produce additional products such as cheese, cultured milk, and whey proteins. For more information visit

Hydranautics logo

Hydranautics’ is one of the global leaders when it comes to Membrane Technology. We continuously innovate to meet the dynamically changing customer needs when it comes to membrane Technology and our robust & diversified product line can handle the toughest water and process streams. With our membranes being utilized in all the seven continents, we are proud of our 24×7 technical Support teams spread across the globe who not only help our customers solve their most toughest challenges when it comes to Membrane technology, but also empower them to choose the best solutions to run their operations sustainably, efficiently and reliably. We provide a complete end to end membrane solutions that not only comprises of the products but also includes our world class technical support and one of its kind cloud design platform. We are more than a membrane manufacturing company, we believe in solving the problems that matter and we do so by our unique product line and our strong backbone of technical expertise. For more information visit

Kovalus Separation Solutions logo

Kovalus Separation Solutions (KSS) is transforming the landscape of separations by leveraging synergistic technology such as membrane filtration, ion exchange, evaporators, dryers, and more. With solutions for the most demanding applications across food and beverage, life science, and general industrial markets, KSS uses a collaborative approach to solving separation challenges. We aim to create more value for our customers around the world by offering complete solutions to recover high-value products, eliminate waste, reduce footprint, increase productivity, and lower costs. More information is available at

Mann Hummel logo

For over 55 years, MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions (previously MICRODYN-NADIR) has been a membrane manufacturer that delivers the membrane products to meet all of your water and process needs. We offer the widest range of membrane products, including MF, UF, NF, and RO in flat sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow-fiber configurations as well as MBR technology for treatment of water and wastewater. Today we continue to provide unmatched quality in the process and specialty industries with products such as TurboClean® sanitary elements and TRISEP® and SPIRA-CEL® spiral-wound membrane elements. Our continued success in those industries has allowed us to invest heavily in the water and wastewater sector, which includes our innovative BIO-CEL® MBR, MICRODYN RO (reverse osmosis) & NF (nanofiltration) spiral elements, OLTREMARE spiral elements, AQUADYN®, PureULTRA, iSep™, and SpiraSep™ ultrafiltration modules. For more information visit

Toray logo

In 1968, TORAY began membrane development. More than fifty years later, the name endures as a leading supplier of membrane technologies continuing to add new solutions for a sustainable future. This constant pursuit of technological innovation has enabled Toray to strengthen core assets: R&D know-how, strong customer and supplier bases and the dedicated people that stand behind our products and services. Toray’s product portfolio consists of state-of-the-art cross-linked polyamide spiral-wound reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membrane elements (Toray RO and CSM™), pressurized and submerged PVDF hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules (Toray UF), flat-sheet membrane bioreactor modules (Toray MBR), and spiral-wound RO, NF, UF, and MF membrane elements in sanitary design for dairy and hygienic purified water applications. Toray’s San Diego facility manufactures the spiral-wound Toray RO, NF, UF, and MF and CSM™ membrane elements. For more information visit

Solecta logo

Solecta helps clients uncover opportunities to optimize their process, recognizing making small changes can have a big impact on the bottom line. By taking a holistic view of client’s operations, Solecta’s experts work to examine, uncover and deliver solutions that capture untapped value based on client business drivers, helping maximize the return on membrane investment. Further, Solecta’s suite of membrane technologies provide consistent performance with excellent stability over time, allowing clients to improve the predictability of their process. Contact us at

Synder Filtration logo

Synder Filtration manufactures spiral membranes for process separations with a focus on dairy, food & beverage, and biotech applications. Our specialization in these industries allows us to provide you with the best possible value: high performance membranes with short lead times and low costs. For more information visit

Parker logo

Parker custom designs and manufactures a broad range of membranes and elements of various molecular weight cutoffs and polymeric materials. The membranes are designed for use in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), and Ultrafiltration (UF) cross-flow applications. All product configurations are Halal and Kosher certified.For more information visit

Veolia logo

Water Technologies & Solutions (now part of Veolia Group) has served the dairy industry since 1985 and is a pioneer of membrane technology for sanitary applications. Our blister-free spiral wound membranes offer best in class whey demineralization with low contamination risk, ensuring your product quality and high yield. Our materials are in compliance with FDA and EU food contact regulations, and also have halal and kosher certifications. Our sanitary membranes protect your product quality and brand image, while ensuring increased product safety. We align with global standards and invest to ensure that our sanitary, food and beverage membrane technologies meet your regulatory requirements.

Other Membranes

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