Ultrafiltration Membrane Skids

Tubular Crossflow Ultrafiltration Skids

Complete Filtration completely engineers, designs, and fabricates our own tubular crossflow Membrane Ultrafiltration Skids. These skids are engineered with using years of operational data from existing installations in Food & Beverage applications.

Complete Filtration utilizes external tubular crossflow membranes. The membranes operated by feeding pre-treated wastewater through the membrane modules at a high velocity. The membrane pores are sized so that the biomass is retained on the inside of the membrane and the treated effluent is allowed to pass through the membrane.

Tubular crossflow membranes are a proven technology in the Food & Beverage industry and have many benefits over submerged style membranes including:

  • Higher Flux Rates
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Easier to Clean
  • Less Chemicals to Clean
  • Superior Fouling Resistance

The membranes are skid mounted and located outside of the aeration basin which gives operators easy access for maintenance and cleaning. These skids can be easily integrated into an existing wastewater treatment facility due to their ‘plug and play’ design since additional tankage is not required. The modular design of the skids allows for excellent scalability for meeting future plant expansions.

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