Wastewater Treatment

Innovators in Wastewater Treatment Solutions.

To meet the growing demand for wastewater treatment in the Food and Beverage Industry, Complete Filtration Resources, Inc. is excited to inform you that we have expanded our business into this market. Our dedicated Wastewater Treatment Division is allowing us to use advancements in membrane technology for dairy processors to reuse their wastewater for a variety of applications. We are committed to being at the forefront of this effort and have recently installed a wastewater reuse system at a butter manufacturing facility where they are treating wastewater and reusing it as boiler feed and cooling water tower make-up. This is helping them to promote their plants sustainability with economical solutions.

Shane Wiercinski is overseeing the Wastewater Treatment Division and will be responsible for increasing Complete Filtration Resources presence in the wastewater market. He is a native of Northern Wisconsin and comes to us with over 10 years of industrial water treatment experience.

Complete Filtration Resources has the knowledge and experience to design turn-key wastewater treatment plants. In addition, we have the capability to retrofit or upgrade existing plants that are not meeting their discharge criteria.

We are a well-established designer and manufacturer of membrane filtration systems. We serve the food, dairy, chemical, and industrial processing industries and are excited to now be a part of the wastewater treatment industry.