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Case Studies

Undisclosed Dairy/Cheese Plant

Customer: Undisclosed Dairy/Cheese Plant
Location: Wisconsin
Product: Cheese and Whey products
Metrics: 2.7 Million lbs/day of milk intake
Membrane type: Spiral Dairy Polisher

Project Overview:

Install a space saving, low cost polisher system to polish RO permeate and COW water, the goal was to produce high
quality water for use in the plant.

The Challenge:

Complete Filtration Resources was asked to engineer a polisher system to fit inside a tight room layout. Furthermore,
it was to be done on a tight budget and quick turnaround, polishing not only the RO permeate but the COW water
from the existing evaporator as well. The COW water presented a unique challenge as the temperatures during
certain times of the production exceeded the acceptable temperatures for the use in a spiral system.

The Solution:

Complete Filtration first ran comprehensive designs to address the need to reclaim the high volume of water with
acceptable recovery. We then we looked at the space we had to work with. The resulting analysis lead us to choose
a vertical design utilizing a modular approach. We were able to bring the skid into the room in a building block
fashion, while keeping site fabrication to a minimum. With a vertical layout of the stages, we saved valuable floor
space and still left room for access and maintenance operations. Utilizing a modular design, we are able to install our
systems in a compact area, resulting in a more efficient install and cost-effective overall system. Coupled with our
years of engineering know-how, unparalleled project management, controls and technical team, we are able to solve
our customer challenges. We thrive on every challenge we are presented, and draw from our extensive pool of
knowledge and personnel to find unique solutions suited for our customers, which in turn, allows them more time to
focus on operating their plant. How can we help implement YOUR vision?

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