Ultrafiltration uses a membrane with a Molecular Weight Cutoff range between 1000 and 1,000,000 Daltons. It is used primarily to concentrate solutions of macromolecules such as proteins while permitting the removal of low molecular weight solutes. The rejection properties of the membrane depend are related to operating variables such as system pH, ionic strength, hydrodynamics, permeate flux and also strongly dependent on fouling.

Dairy Applications:

  • Production of WPC/WPI (Whey Protein Conc./Isolate)
  • Production of MPC/MPI (Milk Protein Conc./Isolate)
  • Production of "low carb" dairy products
  • Cheese milk protein concentration & standardization
  • Concentration prior to yoghurt, ice cream production etc.
  • Salt Brine Clarification

Other Applications:

  • Concentration of:
    • Gelatin
    • Blood Plasma
    • Fruit Juices (apple, orange etc.)
    • Egg & Egg White concentration
  • Wine Clarification & Production
  • Neutraceutical separation & component concentration
  • Wastewater separation
  • Brine Clarification