Nanofiltration uses a membrane with a Molecular Weight Cutoff range between 150 and 1000 Daltons. It functions as a loose or leaky RO membrane which permits water, univalent ions and small molecules like simple sugars to pass through. The rejection properties of the membrane are intimately related to operating variables such as system pH, ionic strength, hydrodynamics and permeate flux.

Dairy Applications:

  • Salt whey desalting
  • Demineralizing
    • WPC
    • UF Permeate
    • Prior to ED
    • Milk or Whey
  • Deacidify
    • Acid Whey

Other Applications:

  • Recovery of CIP solutions
  • Demineralizing - gelatin
  • Deacidifying - plant extracts
  • Neutraceutical concentration with deashing
  • Waste water concentration
  • Water softening
  • Color removal
  • Pharmaceuticals - Buffer Removal or Deashing