We design and manufacture a full line of components for our membrane systems. Not only do we fabricate all of our frames, tanks, heat exchangers, and piping in our ASME shop, but we also utilize our CNC machine shop to manufacture a full line of stainless steel membrane housings.

These include:

  • 3.8" Vessels in 304 SS and 316 SS
  • 6.3" Vessels - Sanitary and Non-Sanitary
  • 8" Vessels - Sanitary RO and Non-Sanitary Polisher Styles Available

We manufacture a full line of end caps, permeate end caps, and stainless steel inter-connectors to compliment our housings.

We also have a T-Drill in-house that allows us to design and manufacture a full line of manifolds and headers.

We can also manufacture most of these components in AL6XN (Titanium grade stainless steel). This compliments our product line so that we can build process equipment to handle extremely acidic and/or corrosive process streams.

When it comes to custom designing a project, we are a step ahead of the competition. With our new CNC machines and our high tech software, we are able to design and build a complete system that will work seamlessly. If you are interested in receiving more information or a free quote, please email us or give us a call.