Microfiltration uses a membrane with a pore size in the range between 0.1 and 5 microns. It is used primarily for solution clarification, bacteria removal and protein separation. The rejection properties of the membrane are very strongly related to operating variables such as system pH, ionic strength, hydrodynamics, permeate flux and also strongly dependent on fouling.


Dairy Applications:

  • Bacteria removal from whey or milk
  • Protein fractionation from whey or milk
  • Whey defatting
  • Salt Brine Clarification

Other Applications:

  • Clarification applications in biotechnology
  • Fruit juice clarification (apple, orange etc.)
  • Beer recovery and clarification
  • Wine clarification with yeast removal
  • Neutraceutical separation & clarification
  • Wastewater separation
  • Brine Clarification
  • Bacteria removal from beverages