Customer Service

We provide a full-time service manager who is available to help service your equipment 7 days a week. We have Process Engineers, all of which help out with start-ups of our projects. We provide equipment design, installation, and startup services for new systems, expansions, and rebuilds.

Research & Development

We work with our customers to design and scale up the proper membrane system using our state-of-the-art pilot testing units. We have (2) RO/NF pilot skids and (1) UF/MF pilot system. The test units are also used for process evaluation and solving separation problems. This eliminates the need for trial and error testing in the plant. Our process engineers have particular strengths in new product development, having shared responsibility for many innovative breakthroughs in Nanofiltration development, caustic reclamation, and brine purification. The development team at CFR brings many years of experience in the application of membranes to food processes. A successful process results from both careful pilot testing and the cumulative wisdom and experience of the process development team. The many years of experience with membranes give our process team the experience to integrate the results of pilot testing with the many variables that may arise in a full scale production plant.